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Since 1979, Attorney Catherine Real has been fighting for the rights of clients who are navigating the complexities of divorce. By putting your trust in her firm, you will have a team behind you that is committed to pursuing the best interest of your child and protecting your rights. She cares about the matter at hand and will even give her clients her personal phone number. That is the benefit of working with a boutique law firm.

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Fighting to Protect Your Parental Rights

Fathers' Rights

For many years, it was assumed by the courts and the public at large that minor children were best left to live with and to be raised by their mother. But over time, the courts have realized that the involvement of both parents is critically important in the healthy upbringing of young children. Because of the duty to foster the relationship between the children, the mother and father are now included in the marriage settlement agreements and court orders of child custody.

The "best interest of the child" standard now permeates the law in regard to custody arrangements. The courts, psychologists, and family counselors agree that a solid foundation for a child's familial upbringing should be grounded in having a relationship with both parents where possible.

Our attorney works closely with fathers to prove that they are able to properly provide for their children by providing:

  • A safe and stable home environment
  • Supportive relationship with the child's needs as the highest priority
  • Dependable financial wellbeing
  • A positive influence for the child's development

At the Tampa divorce law offices of Catherine W. Real, P.A., Attorney Real is fully aware of the difficulty fathers encounter when trying to stay connected to and involved in the lives of their children.

Equal Time Sharing Laws in Florida

The governor of the state of Florida signed a bill that changed the nature of alimony and time sharing. It now requires that fathers should be assumed to have the right to equal time sharing of their minor children. Every case, however, will still be under scrutiny of the judge and may bear a different outcome based on circumstances.

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Fathers' Rights Attorney in Tampa, FloridaThe courts are still adapting to the changing landscape of the fathers' rights based approach and it often requires a well-trained, experienced, and competent divorce attorney in Tampa to ensure that the courts honor fathers' rights at the earliest level of the proceedings. Catherine is a knowledgeable attorney who has experience protecting father's rights as they are challenged during a divorce.

Catherine Real: An Advocate for Men's Rights

Attorney Real believes that a father has an equal right to custody and true involvement with his children's lives. If you believe you are being unfairly denied time with your children, contact her offices today and request an appointment with her to discuss your case in detail and begin the process of having your rights as a father restored. Help is just a phone call away, so you should not hesitate to act now.

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