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Changes to Child Support Law in 2014

Man who pays child support in Tampa, FLIn July 2014, an important change was made to Florida's child support laws. These changes will drastically impact the amount of support that the supporting party gives to the other parent.

In the previous law, the parent with fewer overnights would have to have at least 40% of overnights to qualify for an adjustment.

Under the new law, a parent will qualify for reduced child support payments if the child stays with that parent for at least 20% of the time. This will cause a tiered structure to affect the calculation to account for the actual amount of time spent with each parent.

Factors that Are Affected by the New Child Support Law

Some of the aspects of child support that have changed because of the new law include:

  • Health insurance - One of the primary factors that courts and the Department of Revenue will consider when determining the amount of child support is the cost of the child's health insurance. The "reasonable cost" of the child's health insurance cannot be more than 5% of a parent's gross income.
  • Aging out of a child - If you have more than one child, you will need to explain how the child support will change as the child "ages out" of child support eligibility. In most cases, child support will end when a child becomes 18 years of age or older. This adjustment makes it so filing a modification is not necessary.
  • Lowering income levels - The change also makes it very difficult for parents to lower their income levels out of a desire to lower what they pay in child support. Under the new law, it is assumed that a voluntarily unemployed, underemployed, or nonparticipating parent's income level is at the same place as full-time workers.
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